Quantum-holographic research of integrative medicine & transpersonal psychology is of special importance due to their widespread usage in developed countries – as contemporary investigations of psychosomatic diseases suggest necessity of holistic methods (focusing on the body's acupuncture system & consciousness), oriented to treating man as a whole and not of disease as a symptom of disordered whole, suggesting their macroscopic quantum origin – with significant global psychosomatic implications. 

So it might be said that there are three front lines of psychosomatic integrative medicine: 

(i) spirituality and circular (psycho / energy) therapies from all relevant meta-positions due to energy-informational disentanglement of the mental addresses of all persons involved in the problem, with the possibility of a potential permanent removal of mutual memory attractors on the level of collective consciousness; 

(ii) (quantum) holistic medicine and non-circular (psycho / energy) therapies, which temporarily remove the memory attractors on the level of the acupuncture system / individual consciousness and prevent or alleviate their somatization, as a result of negligence on the first front line; 

(iii) symptomatic conventional medicine, which via immunology, pharmacology, biomedical diagnostics and surgery at the physical level prevents or alleviates somatic consequences of carelessness on the first two front lines. It should be particularly noted that the necessary activities in the second and third front lines, with neglect of the first one, would result in further transfer of memory attractors on the level of individual and collective consciousness in this and future generations, thus accumulating quantum-holographic nonlocal loads that cause then not only diseases but also interpersonal conflicts, wars and other sufferings.

The mentioned quantum-holographic research also suggests two modes of knowledge, according to the coupling strength consciousness-body-environment: 

(i) weakly-coupled quantum-coherent spiritual / creative direct one (in altered and transitional states of consciousness); 

(ii) strongly-coupled classically-reduced perceptively / rationally indirect one (in normal states of consciousness) – with significant epistemological / spiritual implications. 

And can help us realize that all our partial rationalizations (classically-reduced mappings) are still only approximations of fundamental holistic reality (quantum-holographic territory) – and that all divisions are tragic misunderstanding of spiritually immature (historical) epoch of civilization (because, map is not the territory). 

In the mentioned considerations three essential aspects are comparatively included: 

(i) utility of transpersonal spiritual practices in healing or salvation of souls; 

(ii) epistemology of mystical and rational modes of consciousness; 

(iii) phenomenology of transpersonal spiritual experiences. 

This is in line with reawakened interest in the scientific study of consciousness in past decades, with indications of appearance of the grand synthesis of the two modes of knowledge in the framework of a quantum-holographic paradigm – where the role of each individual becomes indispensable due to the influence and care for collective mental environment, which is fundamental question of both spiritual and civic morality. Hence everything considered above indicates the full significance of holistic education & behavior – clearly demonstrating ultimate necessity of redefining the global educational / informational / political goals, with the reorientation towards holistic gentle actions for global solutions of the world risk society.

In this context, I recommend to your attention the link On quantum-holographic bases and frontiers of integrative medicine and transpersonal psychology: Psychosomatic, epistemological, and spiritual implications on my DRF website.
To all followers of holism I wish healthy and productive New Year.
Prof. Dr. Dejan Raković
Prof Rakovic is a member of the Educational Board of cosmoanelixis

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